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Have you ever wondered what it feels like to personally talk with leading KOLs? Now is your chance!
The "One On One" format features immediate unscripted dialogue, and rapid-fire question-and-answer exchange between the audience and the KOL, as if you were having a face-to-face meeting.
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Dr. Alaa El-Hussuna is a prominent leader in the field of medical research, with a focus on the development of new research tools through the implementation of information technologies. He is the Chairperson and founding member of the European Society of Colo-Proctology (ESCP) cohort studies committee, and has conducted many prospective international audits and studies. He is also a member of the Surgical Steering Committee in the European Crohn Colitis Organisation (S-ECCO), and has been the leader of the ESCP 2017 snapshot audit (prospective study), which focussed on left colon, sigmoid and rectal resections. This study collected data on 5,641 patients at 335 sites across 49 countries. Other roles include being a member of the ESCP Research Committee, an Expert Panel to work out the National Action Plan for the Treatment of Autoimmune Diseases (presented in Danish Parliament in November 2020), an Associate Professor of Surgery at Aalborg University, a Co-Examiner (Assessor) for medical students (surgical and medical disciplines), a Danish Health Authority Inspector of Education and Training of Young Surgeons, a member of the ESCP Education Committee (planning courses, workshops and ESCP conferences), an author of 70 articles published in peer-reviewed international scientific journals, including 13 reviews, an author of 22 published conference abstracts, and a member of the ECCO Guidelines Working Group to write “Roadmap to optimal peri-operative care in IBD” in 2021.

Dr.  Alaa El-Hussuna has a long and broad-spectrum international experience in surgery and is an invited session moderator in many international conferences. He has also been an invited speaker in international conferences, a member of the GRADE Guidelines Committee in the European Crohn Colitis Organisation, a Member of Social Media Guidelines Committees in ESCP, a Supervisor of research projects (Master Degree, Bachelor Degrees and Research Year Projects), a Reviewer in the committee that select abstracts to the European Crohn’s Colitis Organisation’s conference in 2021, a Reviewer in surgical and medical journals, a Member of Editorial Boards in surgical and medical journals, a Grant recipient of many national and international grants, an Organizer and Teacher in many courses and workshops, a Physician/Surgeon for Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Liberia and Tchad, and an active health care advocate and debater in social media (Twitter and LinkedIn). Dr.  Alaa El-Hussuna has an H-index of 18.
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Dr. Alaa El-Hussuna MBChB, MSc, PhD, Consultant surgeon; Lead, OpenSourceResearch; Chairperson of cohort studies committee, European Society of Colo-Proctology (ESCP); Member of European Crohn Colitis Organisation (ECCO) surgical steering committee; Member of ESCP education committee; Danish Health Authority’s inspector of education and training; External examiner in surgery and medicine; Academic editor PLOS one, Frontiers and Mini invasive surgery; Advisory board: Turkish Journal of Colorectal Diseases; Board member GMDVA, Denmark
Colorectal Surgery
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