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Marketing for Surgeons

Can you imagine sharing a coffee with an internationally renowned surgeon and having a direct, pleasant and informal conversation?
Thanks to the new "A COFFEE WITH" feature of AIS you will be able to do so!!!
You will have a coffee agenda so you can choose the day and time and enjoy a dose of surgical caffeine of the highest level.
Shall we reserve your stool?

Dr. Guillermo Alvarez is a Mexican bariatric surgeon based south of the Texas border, with 17 years of experience and, he has focused on the sleeve gastrectomy procedure for the last decade. Nowadays, he runs a private, high-volume hospital focused only on this procedure and is Chief of Bariatric Surgery at Endohospital. He is an international member of known societies like SAGES, ASMBS, and IFSO. While building his career, he has relied on marketing and social media to create content and build his practice. After taking many courses in marketing and being self-educated in other areas of social media, he has become passionate about this topic. He has applied these principles in his practice. 

He started using Youtube for his practice in 2007, and since then, he has turned his YouTube channel into a learning library for patients around the globe. He hosts the #AskDrA show on this platform, with over 200 episodes in two languages. He also relies on other social media networks such as Instagram, with over one million followers, and TikTok. He is also the author of 7 books on sleeve gastrectomy surgery, published in English and Spanish.