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Rectovaginal Fistulas

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The primary topic discussed during this session is the diagnosis and treatment of rectovaginal fistulas. This is a complex topic for those who are afflicted with such fistulas as it usually implies secondary effects that impact their social, sexual, and work life.

We must bear in mind that rectovaginal fistulas are not a disease, they are always categorized as a complication because it’s a condition that usually appears after an operation such as stapler anastomosis or gland removal. 

Some questions arise in connection to the relationship between rectovaginal fistulas and Crohn's disease. There are cases where it would seem Crohn's disease was the cause of these fistulas, but where it can’t be confirmed for sure. 

During the session, the different methods to treat rectovaginal fistulas are discussed, as are the approach variations possible during these surgeries. Also, there is some importance placed on which kind of suture the doctor prefers to use. As the session concludes, many surgeons have questions about stoma and how that can be managed during the procedure. 

Mario Trompetto is an italian colorectal surgeon. After his graduation he has worked as general and then colorectal surgeon in a public hospital in Ivrea (Turin) for more than 25 years. In 2004 he has moved to Vercelli where is now head of the Department of Colorectal Surgery in the S Rita Clinic. His unit is considered one of the main Italian referral centers for pelvic floor disorders as well as for colorectal malignancies and anal benign diseases.

Dr Trompetto had his postgraduation at St Mark’s Hospital with prof J Nicholls and then attended many departments of colorectal surgery all over the world as Cleveland Clinic Ohio ( Dr VV Fazio and Dr J Milsom), Salgrinska Hospital in Goteborg (Prof L Hulten), University of S Paolo in Brasil ( Dssa Angelita Habr-Gama), Royal Infirmary in Edinburg (Prof DDC Bartolo) and many others.

He is member of many surgical societies both in Italy and in Europe and Honorary Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeon of England.

He is one of the founders of the Italian Society of Colorectal Surgery (SICCR) which he was president of in 2011-2013 and actually he is the Director of the National School of Coloproctology.

From 1989 he has organized in Italy the Biennial Meeting of Coloproctology that had to be stopped on 2020 because of the problem of the Covid 19. He continues with his team to organize an annual course in Coloproctology that is considered indispensable for all surgeons who wish to begin a career in colorectal surgery. Up to date the course has trained hundreds of young surgeons interested in this field.

Dr Trompetto has a great clinical and surgical experience in all types of colorectal diseases as well as a respectable scientific production with 115 scientific papers published in peer-reviewed impact factored journals and more than 700 participations as invited speaker in national and international colorectal meetings. He is co-author of some of the Italian guidelines regarding colorectal diseases.