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In this podcast, Dr. Luis Felipe Cabrera and Dr. Paula Ferrada discuss various aspects of surgical residency and what it takes to become a successful surgeon. They emphasize the importance of non-surgical technical aspects, such as leaving ego outside of the hospital to take decisions that benefit patients the most. 

They also discuss some of the challenges faced during surgical residency, including burnout and long-hour shifts. They provide tips to achieve success during the fifth year of residency and address the importance of learning as “a sponge”, absorbing everything from attitude and technical skills to communication and clinical/non-clinical skills.

The discussion also covers the delegation of tasks, essential for time-managing and leadership. Dr. Cabrera and Dr. Ferrada noted that delegation is a signal of strength and it is crucial to select moments where it is necessary to designate tasks.

This podcast episode provides valuable insights into surgical residency and the qualities and skills required to become a successful surgeon. It highlights the importance of putting the patient first, developing genuine relationships, and managing time effectively.

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