Dr. Carlos Miguel Lumi Coloproctology Surgeon; Assistant Professor of Surgery, University of Buenos Aires; Staff, Coloproctology Unit, Hospital de Gastroenterología "Dr C.B. Udaondo", Argentina Colorectal Surgery
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Dr. Carlos Miguel Lumi is a distinguished medical surgeon with a specialization in Coloproctology in Argentina.

Dr. Lumi has served as an adjunct professor of Surgery at the University of Buenos Aires. For 41 years, he has been a part of the medical team at the Coloproctology Unit of "Dr. C.B. Udaondo" Gastroenterology Hospital in Buenos Aires. Additionally, he has been a staff member at the Private Center for Surgery and Coloproctology in the same city.

His leadership in the medical community was highlighted as he served as the former President of the Argentine Society of Coloproctology, the Digestive Motility Circle of the Argentine Republic, and the Argentine Congress of Coloproctology. In addition to his clinical practice, Dr. Lumi has contributed to the field with numerous scientific papers and chapters in coloproctology books.

As the editor of the Coloproctology book of the Argentine Society of Coloproctology, he has had a significant impact on the dissemination of knowledge in this area. Dr. Lumi has shown a consistent commitment to research and has focused his work on pelvic floor pathologies, with an emphasis on anal incontinence and sacral neuromodulation.