Human X Tensions

Making MIS procedures simpler, safer and accessible through the power of robotics at the palm of your hand.
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Human Xtensions is catalyzing medical reality, by delivering disruptive digital handtop innovation that pushes the art of surgery into new frontiers. We call this Artefficient Surgery. Robust yet compact, our platform aims to revolutionize surgery.

Develop personalized surgeon-sensitive solutions that empower performance. By merging man and machine, the art of surgery with advanced tech capacity, our devices are user-friendly, offer powerful flexibility, and are affordable for any surgical environment. Our goal is to ensure that flexibility is at hand, maneuverability and ease are maximized, and set up time, costs, and complexity are radically minimized.

Human Xtensions is committed to setting a new standard in surgery, by offering meaningful solutions for medical challenges. Since 2012, we develop unmediated surgical systems that combine the capacity of robotics with the benefits of handheld tools and ergonomic bed mounts.