Bariatric Surgical Journeys

Endorsed by Johnson & Johnson MedTech Covering key bariatric topics, from A to Z, tailored to your unique needs and interests, promising to support your professional growth and clinical practice efficiency.
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Almost 50 Online Bariatric contents on topics such as Lap Sleeve, Lap Gastric Bypass, SADI/OAGB, Revisions and Avoiding Complications, as well as relevant practice topics to support patient outreach, co-morbidity, and improving clinical practice efficiency, delivered in a dynamic way based on your interests, interactions, and needs.


Because we know that, despite sharing universal interests, you have your own training goals and professional dreams. Fortunately, technology allows us to recognize your individuality and to deploy contents according to your training needs. Welcome to a class just for you!


The AIS Bariatric Journeys in collaboration with Johnson & Johnson Institute - Season 1 will start in March, and we will be deploying online contents and special events according to your needs throughout the year.


On our classic platforms under the logo "Bariatric Journeys". In addition, based on your level, you will receive newsletters with specific and very useful contents. All this will be hosted on your profile. But don't worry, you'll also have access to all the other contents.

The Bariatric Journeys are endorsed by IFSO

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