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Student surgical societies serve an essential function in furthering the field of surgery.  They encourage surgical exposure, interest, leadership and education at a pre-specialist level and, in so doing, mould the world’s next generation of surgeons. IASSS aims to unite the world’s existing student surgical interest groups, facilitate the creation of new ones and ensure every aspiring surgeon around the world has the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals locally and internationally. Through the IASSS network, we hope that surgical societies across the globe can work together to set the agenda for the future of surgery.

We hope you will share in our vision!

Our core objectives are to:
  • Promote and facilitate surgical education and interest worldwide through the establishment and support of student surgical interest groups as well as through activities and events. We aim to serve as a hub for for the exchange of ideas between the world’s future surgeons.
  • Hold regular IASSS Symposiums (in High and Low-Middle Income countries) to present progress and problems of interest to all aspiring surgeons in attendance. The Symposium offers iconic lectures, workshops, skill development sessions and networking opportunities for the world’s future surgeons.
  • Disseminate knowledge pertaining to the science and art of surgery through regular publication of articles, manuals, social media posts and newsletters.
  • Prioritise affordable and equitable access to career development opportunities offered by our organisation.
  • Foster a pre-specialist passion for surgery, global surgery and the ensuring of equitable surgical education and care for all.